Gary Allen, North Carolina Developer a Job Creator

One of the most important things to Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, is the fact that he was able to create so many jobs for others during the tenure of his career. Becoming a job creator has many responsibilities and pitfalls that come along with it, but Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, feels good about the fact that he can look back at his career and see the impact that he’s made on other people – the value Gary Allen places on education is evident.

“Of course, I am more than pleased to help libraries and museums better their collections and reach. However, it is also important to be able to stimulate local economies, and the only way to do so is by making sure the majority of the adult population is employed. I am pleased to have assisted with that task, as well.”

Considering the economic downturn of the last decade, few things have been harder to obtain than jobs. Throughout his career, Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, has been dedicated to making sure that he hires the best of the best so that his developments are second to none. This has meant making sure that the best and brightest in construction, marketing, realty, and other related fields are employed, and most specifically employed by him.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people that I have worked with,” says Gary Allen, North Carolina developer. “They are some of the most talented individuals that I have ever known, and had I not gotten into real estate development, I never would have met them!”

It is clear that Gary Allen values education – his work and donations have proved this fact over and over again. In the future, Gary Allen plans to continue his successful career, contributing to the imperative and significant field of education whenever possible


Gary Allen, North Carolina Developer, is an Experienced Professional

Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, is one of the most experienced and professional individuals in his field. One of the things that has set Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, apart over the course of his career is the fact that his dedication to professionalism has put him a cut above the rest. People can trust that Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, keeps his word.

Of course, words don’t matter without proof to back them up. One simply need look at North Carolina developer Gary Allen’s long and storied career. Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, started out in the North Carolina real estate business in 1971.

Throughout his career, Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, provided marketing and/or development services for over 150 subdivisions, with a total lot value of over $1.5 billion dollars. Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, is also responsible for the direct creation of hundreds of jobs throughout his tenure as a real estate executive, and indirectly responsible for the creation of several thousand others through contracting. Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, was only able to do this due to his commitment to professionalism and excellence.

In addition to being a job creator, Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, has also spent his money on charitable causes. Beneficiaries of the generosity of Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, include the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, the North Carolina Museum of Natural History, and the Carter Center. Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, has given amounts of money in the millions.

Few developers are as professional and experienced as Gary Allen, North Carolina developer, and this is evident upon viewing the details of his past and present career. Through the years, he has succeeded in many accomplishments and looks forward to continuing on his fruitful path and sharing his knowledge and experience with others along the way.

Gary Allen Loves Myrtle Beach

Throughout his career, Gary Allen has worked on projects ranging all along the East Coast. After traveling extensively and visiting many places, Gary Allen can say that Myrtle Beach is certainly one of his favorite places in America. The beautiful shoreline as well as all the incredible offerings that Myrtle Beach is home to are what is so appealing to Gary Allen. “You can vacation here, you can live here,” says Gary Allen. “There’s no place like it in the country.”

While Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination, Gary Allen likes it because of the southern charm and hospitality that the city embodies. The subtropical climate as well as the picturesque shoreline is also appealing. As a real estate developer, Gary Allen also views Myrtle Beach through the lens of land development. The infrastructure and strength of the local community is impressive for Gary Allen, who focuses on community development in his career.

“Myrtle Beach is the summary of everything that is good about the Carolinas,” says Gary Allen. Though he now lives in Florida, Gary Allen still maintains his business headquarters in North Carolina. And he often travels through South Carolina to spend time in Myrtle Beach. Whether he’s spending personal time to relax or is working on a business deal, Myrtle Beach is a consistent itinerary point for Gary Allen.

Though it only has a population of approximately 30,000, Myrtle Beach has many of the same offerings as a medium-sized city. Gary Allen attributes this to the estimated 14 million tourists that grace the city year after year. “Tourism is great for the local community and the Carolinas as a whole,” says Gary Allen. “It’s a real economic driver for all of us, even in real estate. If there’s one city that gives tourists a positive impression of our region, I’m glad that Myrtle Beach is at the top of the list.”

Philanthropy Is Important: Gary Allen

In a slowed down economy of the likes that the world is in right now, donations go very far. Many organizations receive less funding and charity when everyone is hurting from a slower economy, so those with money should be giving more to organizations, schools, universities, and other groups that do good in the community. Gary Allen is someone who believes this. He was raised in a family that always stressed the importance of helping others and he has remembered that throughout his career.

Now that is has over forty years of real estate success under his belt, Gary Allen feels like he is in an excellent position to start getting into philanthropy more seriously. With his investments and earnings he feels like he can do a great deal for schools in North Carolina. He also hopes that his example of donating and supporting these organizations will encourage others to commit to philanthropy.

For Gary Allen, the largest sum of money he has committed went to UNC Chapel Hill. This commitment is for the school to improve the education it provides to students and to make the community a better place overall. When future leaders going to the university recognize that there are community members supporting their education out of the goodness of their heart, Gary Allen hopes that they will learn to do the same in their future.

Philanthropy is important because it provides much needed funds to organizations and groups. Some of the most famous and beloved Americans have been philanthropists. Two of the most famous American philanthropists are Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Gary Allen loves the example that Buffet and Gates have set for the rest of the country. If more people followed their lead, the US would be a better place.

Gary Allen Hopes the Housing Market Continues to Improve

Back in 2008, the US economy was in serious trouble. Luckily, the government managed to avert a crisis that could have made the great depression look weak in comparison. Sure not everything was handled perfectly, but what was done was done in an emergency situation. Gary Allen was especially concerned as he has built his life in the real estate business.

During the financial crisis and the recession, the housing market in the US took a precipitous drop that many thought it would never be able to recover from. The so-called housing bubble had burst and left hundreds of thousands of people left with foreclosed upon homes and all sorts of other disasters. Gary Allen knew this would be the beginning of rough years for the housing market in many places.

Luckily for Gary Allen, his project had no bank debt. Still, the decrease in business wasn’t good for anyone in the real estate business. Recently however, there have been signs that the housing market is slowly recovering. The recovery is far from steady though. Sometimes the numbers are up, sometimes they are down. But generally, recovery is moving along very slowly.

In some parts of the country the housing market is better off than in others. This is due to a variety of factors like local economies, employment, and desirability to name a few. Ultimately, Gary Allen hopes the housing recovery continues to improve over the coming years. The sooner it does the sooner the US economy can return to full strength.

In the meantime, Gary Allen will continue to look for good opportunities in distressed real estate in the southeastern US. He sees this as a great real estate opportunity to provide housing for those who can’t qualify for a mortgage.


Gary Allen Enjoys Movies

Most of the forms of entertainment that people enjoy have been around for hundreds of years. Music, acting, theater, sports, and games have been providing entertainment since the beginning of civilization. In the past 100 years or so, movies and film have been increasingly providing a great deal of entertainment for people all over the world. Gary Allen is a big fan of the movies.

Ever since he can remember, going to the movies was always an enjoyable experience for Gary Allen. He loved going with his parents or friends to see the latest matinees when he was younger. Now he has a much greater appreciation of movies that he never had before. Movies are more than just entertainment.

Movies can reach people in ways that other forms of entertainment cannot. Gary Allen thinks they allow people to see places they would never be able to see in ways farm beyond what a photo can do. Documentaries also provide a great way for people to learn about the world. Additionally, movies these days have become so technological that they can tell stories in ways that people in the past could have never dreamed of.

Now that he’s older, Gary Allen still enjoys movies but he has a greater appreciation for them. He is able to think about how much hard work the crew and actors would have had to put into a film he watches. That alone amazes him. Working over forty years in real estate really let’s you understand all of the behind the scenes work that goes on in any industry to accomplish things. He has been compiling a list of movies he needs to see. Catching up on movies will be easy now thanks to the internet and on-demand services. Gary Allen can’t wait to get started.

Gary Allen Thinks Education Is Incredibly Important

One of the best investments a government can make in its country is to invest in education. Educational systems are the beginning of advanced economies, and without a good education system, a country will eventually collapse. Gary Allen has learned this over the years through his study of history and from speaking with others who are well informed on the topic.

Education is the only way a society can balance inequalities in wealth and status. Education gives everyone the opportunity to do better than their parents and to live a better life than they were born into. That doesn’t mean it is easy of course, Gary Allen knows plenty of people who struggled through their education and never quite made it for one reason or another.

Still, to focus on education should be a priority of local, state, and the national government. In this rough economy, a lot of education systems in the country have taken hard financial hits. Gary Allen has been increasingly upset about these changes in financial policy and he doesn’t think they are going to help out schools in need.

That’s why over the years he has taken matters into his own hands. Gary Allen is proud to call himself a philanthropist for his donations and support of a variety of educational institutions in North Carolina. His largest commitment is for a significant donation to UNC Chapel Hill. He hopes the money will be able to provide better education in sales and marketing.

Gary Allen has also made a large donation to the Governor Hunt Library at the North Carolina State University. He plans to continue his philanthropic work well into the future. In the meantime, he hopes that the public begins recognizing the importance of fully funding education programs throughout the country.