Philanthropy Is Important: Gary Allen

In a slowed down economy of the likes that the world is in right now, donations go very far. Many organizations receive less funding and charity when everyone is hurting from a slower economy, so those with money should be giving more to organizations, schools, universities, and other groups that do good in the community. Gary Allen is someone who believes this. He was raised in a family that always stressed the importance of helping others and he has remembered that throughout his career.

Now that is has over forty years of real estate success under his belt, Gary Allen feels like he is in an excellent position to start getting into philanthropy more seriously. With his investments and earnings he feels like he can do a great deal for schools in North Carolina. He also hopes that his example of donating and supporting these organizations will encourage others to commit to philanthropy.

For Gary Allen, the largest sum of money he has committed went to UNC Chapel Hill. This commitment is for the school to improve the education it provides to students and to make the community a better place overall. When future leaders going to the university recognize that there are community members supporting their education out of the goodness of their heart, Gary Allen hopes that they will learn to do the same in their future.

Philanthropy is important because it provides much needed funds to organizations and groups. Some of the most famous and beloved Americans have been philanthropists. Two of the most famous American philanthropists are Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Gary Allen loves the example that Buffet and Gates have set for the rest of the country. If more people followed their lead, the US would be a better place.


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