Gary Allen Loves Myrtle Beach

Throughout his career, Gary Allen has worked on projects ranging all along the East Coast. After traveling extensively and visiting many places, Gary Allen can say that Myrtle Beach is certainly one of his favorite places in America. The beautiful shoreline as well as all the incredible offerings that Myrtle Beach is home to are what is so appealing to Gary Allen. “You can vacation here, you can live here,” says Gary Allen. “There’s no place like it in the country.”

While Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination, Gary Allen likes it because of the southern charm and hospitality that the city embodies. The subtropical climate as well as the picturesque shoreline is also appealing. As a real estate developer, Gary Allen also views Myrtle Beach through the lens of land development. The infrastructure and strength of the local community is impressive for Gary Allen, who focuses on community development in his career.

“Myrtle Beach is the summary of everything that is good about the Carolinas,” says Gary Allen. Though he now lives in Florida, Gary Allen still maintains his business headquarters in North Carolina. And he often travels through South Carolina to spend time in Myrtle Beach. Whether he’s spending personal time to relax or is working on a business deal, Myrtle Beach is a consistent itinerary point for Gary Allen.

Though it only has a population of approximately 30,000, Myrtle Beach has many of the same offerings as a medium-sized city. Gary Allen attributes this to the estimated 14 million tourists that grace the city year after year. “Tourism is great for the local community and the Carolinas as a whole,” says Gary Allen. “It’s a real economic driver for all of us, even in real estate. If there’s one city that gives tourists a positive impression of our region, I’m glad that Myrtle Beach is at the top of the list.”


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